Anumana Acquires NeuTrace, an AI-Electrophysiology Company

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About Us

Anumana, Inc.™ is a health technology company from nference and Mayo Clinic Platform, harnessing industry-leading AI and translational science to decode the electrocardiogram as never before – as a deep predictive tool and biomarker of disease – empowering care providers to help patients early.

Anumana algorithms have been developed, trained, and validated using clinical data from Mayo Clinic, and leverages the powerful augmented intelligence software from nference, nferX®. Anumana is developing AI-enabled ECG algorithms for real-world physician use, integrating point-of-care applications into existing workflows, thereby reducing costs, improving outcomes, and enhancing quality of life. Anumana’s AI-enabled tools can diagnose hidden conditions earlier than ever before. Anumana’s algorithms are investigational medical devices and have not yet received regulatory approval or clearance. For more information, follow Anumana on LinkedIn and Twitter.




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