Anumana’s Platform

Anumana develops and commercializes AI software solutions that enable precision medicine throughout the cardiac care continuum


How Our Platform is Developed

State-of-the art algorithms trained on unmatched dataset with ECG, EGM, and deep, longitudinal EHR data

Access to multi-modal raw data from 11M+ patients through our parent company nference


Anumana’s ECG-AI

Using state-of-the-art AI to decode subtle electrical signals in ECGs for earlier disease detection

Anumana’s ECG-AI Platform
ECG Viewer

Web-based dashboard displays patient’s history of ECGs, real-time ECG-AI results, and advanced digital analytics – all in one place

ECG-AI Panel

State-of-the-art ECG-AI algorithms analyze ECGs and screen for indicators of cardiovascular disease

ECG Viewer with FDA-Cleared Algorithms For clinical decision support

ECG Viewer with Investigational Use Algorithms For research and academic use

Seamless Integration

Anumana’s ECG-AI Platform integrates with the clinical workflow and EHR, at the point-of-care

Enhance the Power of ECG with Anumana’s AI

Traditional 12-lead ECGs capture electrical signals from the heart, but their analysis often relies on simple sets of linear rules. Anumana's ECG-AI elevates ECG analysis by harnessing deep learning using a vast real world dataset, uncovering subtle and unknown signals, as well as complex interdependencies. This breakthrough technology identifies difficult to diagnose cardiac conditions earlier, even before clear symptoms or conventional ECG abnormalities emerge.

Anumana's ECG-AI has been evaluated in 25+studies across the U.S. and internationally. In one prospective, randomized, controlled study involving 22k+ patients across 120 primary care teams, a research version of Anumana’s Low ECG-AI LEF demonstrated a 30% increase in LEF detection without increasing echocardiography utilization, and most patients received additional treatments.¹


  1. Yao, X., Rushlow, D.R., Inselman, J.W. et al. Artificial intelligence–enabled electrocardiograms for identification of patients with low ejection fraction: a pragmatic, randomized clinical trial. Nat Med 27, 815–819 (2021).

ECG Viewer Deep Dive

Anumana’s ECG Viewer can be deployed directly from the EHR for access to a real-time web portal that displays patient history of ECG waveforms, ECG-AI results and workflow enhancing tools

Featuring our FDA-cleared ECG-AI algorithm that has been validated across health systems. Use for clinical decision support and to enable earlier interventions.


By the Numbers

Anumana is gearing up for a commercial launch of the ECG-AI Platform and ECG Viewer software solution with recent milestones


1 FDA Cleared AI
Algorithm: ECG-AI LEF


FDA Breakthrough Device Designations, including one on now cleared ECG-AI LEF algorithm


Established Biopharma partnerships with Janssen, Novartis, Pfizer, and ongoing conversations for additional partnerships


ECG-AI Algorithms under development
Explore the pipeline


Peer-reviewed publications using ECG-AI algorithms


Anumana’s Electrophysiology Portfolio

Synthesizing insights from ECGs, EGMs, and longitudinal EHR data to inform patient-level, peri-procedural decision-making 

Peri-Procedure Software Solutions

Low latency, real-time solutions that aim to help clinicians make peri-procedural decisions during cardiac ablations

Purpose-Built Data Platform

Multi-dimensional structured data, labeled and annotated for signals and characteristics

Built in Collaboration with Leading Experts 

NeuTrace, acquired by Anumana in 2022, began early product development in collaboration with top interventional cardiologists from UCLA, the Texas Arrhythmia Center, LIRYC, and UPenn. Anumana continues to advance development with these experts. 

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